Plates Collection Maret 2014

Plate Collection since 2004
Total Number of Plates Collected: 11 pieces

One of our favourite from New York City

A colourful and vibrant plate from Chicago

One thing leads to another collection and with all the plates from the various countries we visited were displayed and hung on the wall. Too bad we started only in year 2004, if we started from the very long haul trip to the European countries, I'm afraid there might be more.

Still, better late than never huh?

From Barcelona Colourful plates from Barcelona From Windsor Castle

Can't Resist this plate from London
We loved Bath - so Romanish....if you know what I mean.
This is a gift from our friends in England, Aunty & Uncle Bennett
Last but not least, a plate from Germany when D was there for his three weeks' training last year.
I didn't manage to snap the rest coz it was too blurr..... still looking around for more plates and it's a joy to see the collection growing :D
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