Bronze Swimming Award Maret 2014


Shania went for her National Survival Swimming Award (Bronze) at Queenstown Swimming Complex this morning and my heart was pulsating the whole morning when I was at the viewing gallery.

It was pouring heavily in the morning and was feeling the chill but glad it soon clears up for the test to be carried out.

Oh, my heart pulsated coz beside the weather, she was required to swim eight laps non-stop plus to manage the pyjamas as a float, dive to the bottom of the pool and to breathe underwater for three minutes I think. I could sense the anxiety of the rest of the parents as well.

Just want to place on record she was the top three to complete the test and the coach will schedule her silver test next month.

Well Done Shan! Well Done! a reward, bought her a new Nike water-bottle - pink colour of course :P


Singapore Time: 2300 hrs
Alabama Time : 1000 hrs

Yep - D reached Cabana Apartment in Mobile after numerous flight from Singapore to Taipei, Taipei to LA, LA to Atlanta and finally Atlanta to Mobile....... :D

Be reporting for work tomorrow so he is a happy man to be able to watch the kick-off between England versus Sweden later on in the afternoon.

Hee....and I need not text message him the result :P

~ Yawn ~ gonna hit the sack coz I've maximised my day today running errands etc.....Nite...ZZzzzzzzzz..........

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