Women's Power Maret 2014

Title: Bitter Sweet Symphony
By: Shyama Perera

Currently reading this book about how one woman fought to rediscover herself when her husband abandoned ship. Most importantly her struggle to take control of her future through the circle of friends around her.

Some really interesting food for thoughts that is nourishing for us to mull over :

Women believe that, through marriage, we can change our men. In truth, we change ourselves.

A marriage break-up doesn't change the obsessions and attitudes of women - it restores them.

Predictability fells mystery in a spectacularly uneventful coup de grace - In a good marriage, it breeds contentment, an absolute sense of self-knowledge.

Last but not least, that though the victim's world collapsed as a result of her unfortunate plight, this book reinforces that there is life after love - a vibrant tale of recovery and discovery.

A good inspirational read .

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