Bustling Chemical Island Maret 2014


I've been working 'overseas' for the last twenty years and back in the 80s, the only mode of transport working in the island was via ferry.

It seems like a novelty ride now coz seven (7) islands were 'merged' as one into a 'Giant' Chemical Hub so instead of travelling by ferry, we could take a bus or by private car now.

A map of the seven islands being 'merged' as one - accessible by a roadlink to the main island of Singapore.

Nite Scene of a Chemical Plant

I missed my 'joy' ride to-and-fro work especially when I stayed overtime, the night scene was simply breath-taking! I used to sit by myself with my headphone listening to music and mesmerised by the lights along the shore line as I travel back to the jetty.

Now, although it might be a bus ride back to the main island, I am still awe-struck by the nite scene of a chemical plant.

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