My Beloved Nokia 7260 Maret 2014

*Sigh* I must reinforce again - Do always expect the unexpected!

My beloved Nokia 7260 was upgraded last July 2005 during the Singtel Roadshow organised by my Company. Last month, I encountered some problems with the phone set such as the sim card was not able to read and the connection was horrendous to say the least. It was that frustrating.

So happily I sent my phone set to the shop for repair (still under warranty) and I had the biggest shock of my life... they LOST my phone! Yep! Can you beat that? If not for chasing after them for my phone, they would have sat on it and pretend nothing happens.

I am so sad coz I bet all of you depended on the gadget as a sort of memory to store phone numbers, photos and messages........ through their negligence, I paid the price of loosing some of my contacts as some numbers were stored in the phone memory and not the sim card......*Sob*
(So to all my friends, if you are reading this..... call or text me to leave your numbers coz I might not have all contacts sad)

I have yet to decide if I should take up their 'good' offer of paying me $150 as a trade-off (which I am quite hesitant) or to pay half of the amount for a new replacement phone.

What would you reckon? I am just so mad but as I've said, this is really 'To expect the unexpected' - Two lessons here, firstly to write down contact numbers in a diary and secondly, I must not assume that I will get back my stuff when I send in for repair. I missed my Nokia 7260......Whaa...wah......*sob*
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