My Anonymous-Rocker Maret 2014

Mystique Rocker She makes me want to cry....*sob* - Well literally coz I smiled as well as felt the glow within me coz she is so so sweet.

Ahhh ....... some of the stuff she wrote if only she has 10 million dollars, she would:

1. "Spend a whole weeks in Australia with my Grandmother."

2. "Buy Borders."

3. "Buy HMV"

4. "Buy a car for my Dad and pay for all the expenses."

5. "Pay for all of the medical fees for my other Grandmother."

6. "Buy my Mom a shoe store." - Yours truly here :D

7. "Donate a sum to LPS." - LPS is her school.

8. "Fly to the US & go for gigs. And bring Zanne, Eejoo & Nazurah along!"

9. "Buy my sister the whole series of Powerpuff Girls Story books...."

10. "Buy Miss Toh teddybears."

11. "Buy myself a computer of 100GB and 2 more for my Mom & Dad."

12. "Buy a 60GB iPod for my Uncle."

13. "Buy Amanda the best encyclopedia on Earth."

14. "Buy a T.V. for my sister."

LOL - that's my mystique Rocker....hmm....didn't realise she knew I have this affection for shoes :D

Thank you my Dear, you don't need the millions coz the World is your Oyster - stay happy, be cheerful and maintain healthy mind, healthy soul - You Rock Girl! Luv You!

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