23 Long Years Maret 2014

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23 years ago on this day, one young naive girl started working in this chemical institution known as TPC - The Polyolefin Company. That young naive girl was ME :D, she has blossomed to a young-at-heart lady keke.....

At that time, travelling to work means waking up early to catch the ferry at 0700 hrs. There were times when I was literally soaked by the time I reached office coz travelling by ferry means getting splashed whenever the sea gets choppy :D

Smoking on board was legal then so you can imagine, there were times when I was unlucky to sit next to some guys who smokes and my hair would smell as if I've just spent the night in a pub.

Now, with the roadlink to Jurong Island, it was a breeze travelling either by bus or by car, people became more mobile as a result of roadlink instead of depending on the ferry schedule.

Having worked in TPC for 23 years is equal to how you embrace all kinds of relationship. Lots of give and take among colleagues, lots of challenges through the course of our work and most importantly, understanding bosses. Of course there's no denying that there were ups & downs not forgetting deadlines and frustrated moments too. To me, that's just a learning process lor.

During this period, I've seen people come and go....I've embraced not just friendship locally but friends from Japan, India & Malaysia too. Most of the employees worked in TPC for more than 20 years and to us, we don't treat each other as colleagues but as friends.

Being one of the long service employee means growing within the organisation and most importantly, to be trusted and empowered by my boss to carry out my task responsibly.

Coupled with that, the opportunity to develop is most enriching for me and I see alot of potential to further contribute for the benefit of TPC.

So, here's to ME - Happy 23rd Anniversary!

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