Busy Weekend Maret 2014


Time just flies and this weekend just come by so quickly and zipped past just as quick.

No polaroid candid shots this weekend but we did so much folks and honestly I'm so lethargic kekeke.....

D & Shan went to dip in the pool on Saturday while I ran on the treadmill - hahhaha so glad that I've no problem hitting the gym after running around the track for the last couple of weeks. So you see, I was very happy at my own achievement.

Later in the evening attended a wedding dinner - distance relative's, ok lah, food was ok, couple's wedding was mind, most importantly family bonding was ok hahahah.

Yes let's talk about today. Right from the time when my eyes opened and finished our breakfast - we went marketing, went to visit my Mom and we went for a show :D

'Flushed Away' - The story of an uptown rat who was flushed down a toilet in his penthouse apartment and ended up in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new way of life.

Not bad if you just want to have a good laugh, anyway the kids enjoyed the movie for sure.

So....hit the track after the movie and just finished a sumptuous meal of pizza, sausages & healthy greens :D
There! I'm beat to the bone...Yawnzz..(heee..ya again tired :D)........Da-Tah! G'nite!
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