Celebration Nite! Maret 2014

"Don't you wish your girlfriend were HOT like me......., Don't You?" ....Hahaha. How's that song? Coz I was hot - RED HOT! a Santarina I was told :D *Paiseh* *Paiseh*

The night just went by so quickly.....well, there were lots of tensed faces and sulked faces but who cares! Just party on with friends that's what was most important.

Look! Ronnie 'caught' by the Star War Clone Trooper last night, haha was it the smell or what?

Group Photo with My Kakis


Cheers for more good years and fatty bonus for all Kekeek~ Heh....December is always the time whereby everyone of us is looking for a profitable declaration by the Board.

Yep! Your eyes are not deceiving you folks! We invited 'Elvis' & 'Michael Jackson' for our 20th celebration ;D Hmmm.....I was hoping Elvis would serenade love song and Mikey doing his moonwalk though. Oh Well! What can I expect anyway from local Elvis & MJ huh?

Yum-Seng Time!
Tensed! No Way! My table had a good time! I'm having a sore throat now ya! I was Yum-Senginggg....with the rest of my friends and bottoms-up!

D with Karen & Johnson
Somehow I just love this photo of D with this wonderful couple Karen & Johnson, everyone had a great time.

One group photo with my buddies and hey, now you know what I got from Zara right? I was joking with my friends that I bought the red dress to match my red boots and not the other way round :D

Nope! I was not lucky enough to walk away with the Rolex & Cartier watches but all were given a $20 cashcard plus I won a Toto Ticket - so again, wish me luck ya hahahah.....

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