M-ttitude! Maret 2014

Received an interesting notepad sending healthy messages to newly-wed but I supposed it's not just for new couples but to 'old timers' like us too right? :D

So Yep! It's all in the M-ttitude! All For One and One For Marriage hahaha......Yeah! Way to Go! So it's that marriage attitude that make it works huh?

Since I'm currently in this parenting needs and marriage workgroups I have to be pro-active by encouraging the joy of parenthood to my friends and also to promoting strong marriages :D ( might think I'm a kaypoh* lah!)

Ten Tips :D

Just in case you can't see the fine are the ten tips to spice up your marriage:

1) Share your aspirations with your spouse ( aspiration is to inculcate good values to my girls - so same for him too :P)

2) Ask your spouse "Is there anything I can do for you?" (Heee....he just did, he cooked a nice meal for me this evening :P)

3) Start a ritual or tradition for you and your spouse (Does jogging together count?)

4) Celebrate special days like wedding anniversaries & first dates with your spouse (We did dine together on occasions as such but er....still no flowers leh *hint* :P)

5) Welcome your spouse home with a hug & kiss (Oops! Sometimes I forget, oh ok, I'll remember to do that now :P)

6) Spend at least 15 mins before bedtime to cuddle with your spouse (He hugs me all the time :P)

7) Plan for one outing every week (Oops! Guilty...too busy lately!)

8) Be open to new looks & dress up for your spouse (Er.....does victoria secrets count :P)

9) Tell your spouse "I'm proud to be married to you!" (Er...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't kekeke....)

10) Call your spouse once a day just to say "I love you!" (I do! I messaged him and he did likewise all the time :P)

So there.....hope it spices up your marriage coz this is a timely reminder for me too. Have fun :D

(*kaypoh - means busy body in hokkien dialect)

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