Happy Birthday June Maret 2014


Dear June,

Happy Birthday Pal! Across the mile and sending my love and best wishes to Downunder just for you.

Glad I made that call to you this morning sending my Birthday greetings to you. In couple of years' time with both our age adding up together we can happily celebrate a Centennial Birthday how's that to celebrate true friendship huh?

Autograph dated 18 Sept 1980

Look what I have here June, your autograph dated 18 Sept 1980 during our final year in Commonwealth Secondary School and I felt so overwhelmed each time I took out to browse through those yellowed pages. (Yep! I still have my childhood memory with me :D)

You wrote:

"Three & a half years had gone, but during these short years, we have already established a bond between the both us.

Life is not always a bed of roses. I remembered the quarrels we had but they had indirectly brought us closer. I feel funny if I do not talk to you. This is because I really love talking to a garrulous (forgive me) person like you who is never short of topics to talk.

I really enjoyed the time when we had so many jokes to laugh at. I really had a good time laughing when i punched you, you were (are) so afraid and begged me to stop it. Time will not allow us to do such things again - Relief?

I would like to thank you for the good times you had given me. How I wished that we were still in Sec 2I. This message is written all out of love from me to you."

Our friendship has lasted 29 years and it is still growing strong June and yes.....there weren't bed of roses for each of us but we know where we are steering towards and I'm happy that you've settled well in Australia with a caring hubby & pretty Isabella.

Clearly distance has never stopped us from bonding with each other and with the world getting smaller we are merely a call away from each other. I know in time of despair I can always pour out my sorrow and you would be there with a pair of listening ears. For this I thank you.

Although time will not allow you to punch me Kekek.....always bully me right? Time has certainly see us strengthening our bonds as friends. Thank you for the true friendship and once again Happy Birthday June - Stay Happy Always!

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