Freezed Durian? Maret 2014

Didn't spot this snack when I was in Bangkok two months ago but look what my girlfriend just bought me.

Durian Montong from's freezed and it's dried. As you know, durian has a strong pungent smell which is a put-off to some but by 'churning' this into a snack. It would be easier for tourists to just buy them and bring these Thai durian home. Er...would they? They would I suppose coz I got this from my girlfriend right :D?

Attractive Packaging

Rock Durian Anyone?

Well, I supposed tourists would probably buy coz the packaging looks so attractive and appetizing to say the least but er..... once you ripped off the pack, the 'fruits' looked so 'dead' and hard exactly like a piece of rock hehehehe......

Hah, at least now you know that it's not so delicious afterall so remember the adage 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' ya? Hmmm......I'm surprise though that it still retained the titillatising pungent smell of a durian :D

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