Overwhelmed Maret 2014

Thank you Folks! This is dedicated to all of you out there who has shown me care and concern.

I am indeed overwhelmed by all your support, kind words and encouragement in addition to all the emails that I've received after airing my sorrow yesterday.

Oh....I feel like crying knowing that there's so much love and warmth out there :D I truly appreciate all your lovely comments and thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

I'm feeling good and excellent already so no worries folks!

Now, do join me to welcome D's boss but my friend Mark :D from America.

Beth & Mark

As Mark is on an official trip, Beth is unable to come along. Since he has just touched down today and went straight to work I shall wait for a couple of days more before I catch up with him.

Still, welcome to Singapore Mark even though this is an official business, looking forward to see you soon :D

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