Vitamins Maret 2014

Just went to replenish my stock for Royal Jelly this evening and I do recommend this to all the ladies out there. In fact, I'm a 'late-comer' to the world of vitamins and only started consuming them when I hit my 40s. Shhh.......hush hush....yep.... must maintain youthfulness even though I strongly believe that I'm always 'young at heart' kekeke.....

200 capsules/bottle

In fact, I don't believe in taking any vitamins at all as long as I maintain a healthy diet but ever since I started on Royal Jelly, I did notice a less 'aged' complexion as compared to my girlfriends who don't take them at all :D (Er...all things being equal heee.....)

My Other VitsHeard so much about osteoporosis affecting women I am a die-hard fan of calcium tablets prescribed by my doctor and passed with flying colours when I did a bone density test last year. As I don't really drink milk, taking calcium would be the best for me.

This is my last bottle of Centrum multi-vitamins which I bought from the States as it is much cheaper there. Yep.... kiasu lah.....carted half a dozen of them from Walgreen that's the store I missed too other than Walmart.

Now I'm not sure if this is psychological but just started Evening Primrose couple of weeks ago and the excruciating cramp didn't bug me at all. I'll have to monitor next month's cycle so wish me luck.

Last but not compliment what I take orally I pampered myself with Royal Jelly body shampoo too! How's that for an overall 'synergy' huh? Kekek...just joking folks!

Anyway..... apart from vitamins I must add that healthy diet and regular exercise does help so there, now you know how I get that burst of energy all the time. Hope I have passed some of my vibes over to you folks :D

Luv you all so stay healthy always!

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