"Asked To Go" Maret 2014

I am shocked & saddened this morning when I heard the news that someone working with me for the past 23 years was 'Asked To Go"....*sniff*

In my humble opinion, no matter how bad the working attitude was, proper counselling structure should be in place. In fact let's get back to the basic, a proper appraisal system should be in place whereby all management must be trained to conduct staff appraisal properly.

Sadly alot of superior 'assess' staff wrongly, they would rank those whom they like the most and appraised those whom they dislike. Well I might be wrong but then I do come across so many cases that no wonder there is so many YES-Men around :(

With this episode of my friend rubbing the wrong way not in accordance to what his boss wants sadden me. At the end of the day what I've always said did make some sense after all ....... "It is not what you know but WHO you know that matters!"

I wish my friend well in his future endeavours and whoever made that decision of 'asking him to go' will get the taste of his bitter medicine someday too coz what goes around comes around.

Anyway.... I could have ramble on and on but I know I am probably not going to make some sense folks so do pardon me.

Have a great weekend folks, I'll be fine I promise!
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