Crab Nite Maret 2014

Let's talk about crab tonight ;D

Yep! Nothing beats having a hearty meal with two girlfriends, chatting, drinking and slowly slurping the beehoon soup with juicy Sri Lankan was yummilious to say the least!

Went to this famous stall at Ang Mo Kio for its delicious crab cuisines. It has a wide variety of crabs and has its own unique recipe.

Popular dishes are 'Beehoon crab','Chilli crab', 'Butter crab' and 'Black Pepper crab'. It was so crowded even on a Monday evening and what irked me most was waiting for a table yet being literally 'forced' to place an order.

Luckily the companionship & the food quickly won us over despite the hurried attitude of the staff.

I did not bring along my camera this evening but what you see here is the 'Tang Hoon Crab' which I had months before in Bangkok....kekekek..........

We had a feast ..... Beehoon & Butter Crab, Fresh Steam Prawns, Sambal Vegetables & BBQ Chicken Wing......must be due to the conversation amongst us, we couldn't finish the food at all. time, I better bring you all along to have a go at the crabs ~ be prepared though, it's finger licking good I guarantee you :D

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