Oink~Oink Maret 2014

That's right ~ barely ten days away and it's the Year of the Pig (Oink~Oink :D)

Now you know the reason why every types of figurines are on sale to usher in the year of the Pig.

I was in town for a meeting yesterday and apart for a visit to the temple, it was a busy sight with lots of stalls selling all the new year goodies.

As you can see, red is very auspicious for us and this year, some of the decorative banners are printed with the smiling golden pig :)

Plants & flowers on display and I could feel the festive mood mounting - overall atmosphere is so nostalgic.

Mandarin oranges which is a must during the Chinese New Year especially when we go visiting during this period. Two or four oranges to be given to relatives or friends whom we are visiting followed by which we would say "Happy & Prosperous New Year" or "Gong Xi Fatt Chai" which means "Best Wishes & Best of Wealth" :)

God of FortuneGuess who is there to usher in the New Year? None other than the God of Fortune ~ a popular figurine displayed in many places during the Chinese New Year. That's because his presence confers abundance of luck & is a very auspicious symbol.

He is always seen carrying pile of gold ingots or treasure and bestow upon those who see him. On the first day of New Year, most people normally do not sweep the floor as they fear they might have sweep away the visiting God of Fortune kekekek........everyone loves to welcome him into the house for sure :D

Surrounding this giant God of Fortune is the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals with their respective forecast for the year :D.

Born in the Year of the Dragon and this year's forecast reckoned that I'll be unveil to hopeful sunrays :) and that in terms of career I suppose my talent would be spotted ~ :D Cool!

Now bet this two Big Head Dolls would bring some cheers & sunshine isn't it? Another regular features just as you would with the Lion Dance during the Chinese New Year Celebration.

And what an interesting place to spot these two Dolls, at the bus-stop over at Bugis Junction. Now tell me, how can anyone miss getting into the mood to usher in the Year of the Pig huh?

As for me, lots of spring cleaning to be done at home. Shopping for new clothes for the children as well as goodies for relatives & friends too.

Lots to share with all of you but just don't know where to start......but before I end, I would like to share that traditionally, the Reunion Dinner is an important occasion for the family as all of us bond to have a meal together.

It could be an elaborate sit-down dinner of steamboats and some families even opt to have their Reunion Dinner at the restaurant.

For us, we chose to have a BBQ with all the New Year goodies and both side of the families would be coming over as well :D

Meanwhile, the shopping list is still growing as I must remember to pick up new bed sheets as well as the cushion cover etc.........hmmm...busy busy!

~ Ciao Folks! ~ Be sharing more on this Chinese festive season as I've yet to check out the goodies at our Chinatown :D

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