Reunion Lunch Maret 2014

Reunion Dinner is traditionally held on the eve of the Lunar New Year but because my cousin Steph & her in-laws are flying to Bangkok for their Chinese New Year so my Aunty decided to have a Reunion Lunch instead before coming by next week to my place :D

Yep - Steamboat!!! Look at the wide spread of food on the table - Yummilious just by looking at it.

I've ordered roasted duck, pork & ribs in addition to other ingredients which was prepared for the steamboat.

With this pot being segregated into two portion, we could have the chicken soup on one side and spicy szechuan soup on the other side.

Once the soup is boiled, we would put the ingredient into the pot so you get really fresh food out of the pot especially prawns & beef jerky among other stuff.

Hehe....everyone busy tucking in and I was busy snapping pictures :D Bibi looking out for her prawns kekekek.........

I want to show you this 'Ngo Hiang' which is my Aunty's specialty. It consists of minced pork and prawn flavoured with five-spice powder, rolled inside a beancurd skin and deep-fried.

Eat it hot with a dash of chilli-sauce and I bet you won't stop :D

Yusheng Again :D
Next few weeks there's gonna be lots and lots of luck as all families in Singapore toss for good luck by having the Yusheng.

So the higher you toss......the more luck you'll get and abundance of wealth awaiting :D So, bring it on and let the fortune soar!!

My Brother & Sister-in-law just came back from LA, USA and told us that they saw alot of Americans in LA & Vegas enjoying this Yusheng which is the latest craze and it is known as the Chinese Salad :D ~ Now that's cool!

Did any one of my blog buddies in America try this yet?
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