Dalicia The Sweetie Maret 2014

This little Sweetie has been very 'naughty' but I love it hahahahah.....

This little Sweetie 'spoilt' me big time and 'pampered' me way too much....... :D
This little Sweetie is none other than Dalicia :D

Yep! Ms. Dalicia sent me an early Birthday parcel all the way from America and I am so grateful! Thank you so much Sweetie for being such a nice gem and definitely a lovely surprise which is least expected.

The 'Champagne' & 'Roll-Royce' Chocolate so to speak! None other than Godiva......Oh mine mine Dalicia, it is too much an indulgence to eat it but truly appreciate this thought of yours.

And hey.....what a perfect gift! Now you've 'planned' my travel with this present....hmmm....are you suggesting that I should travel to some country with snow? Kekekke..... what a brilliant idea!

I love it and I love the vibrancy of the colours which you picked my dear pal! Thank you indeed! It would definitely come in handy for my next trip to Alaska perhaps huh? Hehehe....

One think is for sure, you'll always be on mine no matter where I go now :)

And look who's the pefect model to try them on? None other than Shania who is so excited when we received the parcel. She can't wait to put them on so that I could snap it for this post :D

Oh Wow! Words could never express my feelings right now apart from saying I'm am just so touched & overwhelmed!!!! :)

Thank you Sweetie Dalicia for remembering my birthday and I think I am equally lucky to have found a friend in you too all the way from USA :D

I will always remember and appreciate your thoughtfulness & kindness :'D

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