Number Cruncher Maret 2014

1 x 2, #+/- ... 4..5 ..6.7..8..9..10, 11....../?=@#%.......

Numbers! Arghhh......honestly I hate numbers! :(
I am not a number cruncher though I secretly wish I could crunch them kekekekek...

Number Cruncher I am not. Ah-Huh! Not me! Definitely not in a million years (er....incidentally how many zeros in a million folks?)

Kekekek.....just kidding! :D

But honestly folks! I am not a number cruncher! I hate mathematics! I hated the calculations, algebra, ratio, fraction etc......Argghhhh.....formulas drives me crazy and I never ever get flying colours for my maths examination during my primary & secondary school days. you probably know why I am not interested in the digits reflecting at my bank book :D ~ So long as there is considerably good savings & returns that's fine by me kekekek....

So you see, apart from being able to read profit & loss plus the balance sheet I knew I am not cut to be a professional auditor or even a chartered accountant. I have all the respect for friends who deals with numbers every day :D

I am not a number person but more a people-oriented kind of gal who loves to interact with people coz I think I exude far more interpersonal skill then numbering skill kekekeke.....

Whoa! Just blog what's on my mind and thought I'll let you nice people out there know that sorry I can't fix your tax problem and calculate your outstanding bank interest etc but if you do have problems in terms of relationship ~ Call me anytime :D

Having said that......I'm happy to say that I have three Number Crunchers at home yayayayya! Yep! D tutored Bibi & Shan in mathematics and both scored pretty high marks for this subject. Sometimes, my
girls would explain some of the problem sum to me ~ isn't that cool?

Very soon, they will file my income tax return kekekek........yo, I can't wait :)

Oh! By the way, I have an announcement to make my dear blog buddies:

I'll be away for a couple of days......oh please don't worry, I'll be back. I won't be bringing my passport and no visa requires so you know I am still very much here in Singapore :D

Shall update once I'm back over the weekend, so hang in there and have a fun week ahead till my next return ya?

Stay Cool ! Stay Happy ! Let's all embrace March 2007 tomorrow :D ~ Ciao ~
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