Milk Chocolate Maret 2014

Ah-Huh! Now don't get excited dear pals :) I know 'Milk Chocolate' is gonna churn some sweet 'shivers' down your throat or even drooling for some kekekek...

Remember the mini fondue set that I got for last Christmas?

We have finished the small dark chocolate that came with it and have been using dark chocolate bars either from Hershey or Van Houten. It tastes great except using bars isn't as smooth for dipping purposes.

So I can't hide my excitement when I spotted the original brand meant for the fondue and go for the biggest pack of milk chocolate.

Mistake folks! Big Mistake! ;(

I should have taken the dark chocolate coz this milk chocolate is too sweet to our liking when we dipped our strawberries, mashmellow, melons etc. Er.....somehow it just didn't taste right *Sigh*

So, till the next fondue party, me gonna mix them with my original dark chocolate and it's just has to be Hershey for sure :D

Until then folks! I'll leave you now coz I have my last piece of Godiva to go with my cuppa ;)

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