With You :D Maret 2014

Bibi & Aunty Bennett it's With You.....

With you ~ I knew what gaining weight is all about ;)

With you ~ I finally get to experience labour pain (ohh...ahhaa...painzz....)

With you ~ I secretly craved for more sleep (yup, night feed lor!) :D

With you ~ I smashed the vegetable better (Yayyyy!)

With you ~ I hold & loose my temper all at the same time (oops, that's true)

With you ~ I laughed the most in my life

With you ~ I learned to be a first time Mummy

And With you ~ I not only have a bundle of joy but bundle of experiences as well :D

Happy 13th Birthday My Princess! Enjoy your teenage year before it zooms by as quickly as it touches your life.

Many many happy returns & I luv you always! :D
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