V-Vibes Maret 2014


Yep! Today is Happy V-Vibes' Day Kekeke......

Roses, Champagne, Chocolates and throw in a candle light dinner is all synonymous with the V-Vibes' Day :D

To me, V-Vibes is not just for couple in love, it is for fact, having a happy disposition is V-Vibes' Day for me lah :D

Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibes? I can hear the jingles of the cash register and ever the bigger hole in those guys' pocket hahahahha.......

I smell romance in the air for some and stale atmosphere to those who did not receive anything though :(

No exorbitantly overpriced red roses & cut throat candle light dinner for me! But I do have lots of e-roses today hehe......a handwritten card from Shan (Thank You Sweetie!) , a text message from D and lots & lots of Hugs & Kisses lor :D

Then really folks! I really don't need this day to see 'true love' isn't it? Honestly I am serious!

Everyday is a wonderful vibrant day for me coz I do 'stop' and 'smell' the 'roses' and that's the VIBES :D

So go on, let all your love flow and ooze out those V-Vibes within all of you my dear blog buddies :D

I'll be here oozing with you too ~ Happy V-Vibes Buddies Kekeke.......Shiok Right? (Didn't burn our pocket too hehehe.....)
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