G-O-D-I-V-A Maret 2014

Sorry folks but I just have to 'share' some of these divine GODIVA chocolate with you coz the everlasting taste is lingering down my throat, leaving a big smile on my face and I know even if you don't really get to taste it I bet you could imagine just how nice and cocalicious this is gonna be ;)

Oh please don't be 'angry' with me........... I just want to thank Dalicia again and again coz we had a great time at home sharing this box of chocolate and the girls are really sweet & thoughtful, they refused to eat coz they said it's a gift for Mummy....oh.....*sniff* such an angel :D

Till the next 'blog' of chocolate folks LOLz...............or is it box or block kekekek....

This is our lunch by D yesterday ~ Leftover brown rice fried with eggs, green peas and ta-dah.....bak kwa (barbeque sliced meat) ~ so you see there's a tangy sweetness there :)

With.....a very healthy Thai Mango Salad, so healthy that you can eat it with any & every meal! All you need is an unriped mango (shred), tomato (roughly chopped), capsicum (roughly chopped) and coriander (a must).

Dressing is just lemon, pinch of salt & none other than SPLENDA :D

Imagine this unique combination, fried brown rice with mango salad, sourish yet sweet!

As for dinner, it was my turn to cook tonight but no picture coz I was running late. I cooked Curry Fish-head with lots of lady fingers & brinjal, fiery garoupa fish head - SHIOK!

That's all folks! Saturday & Sunday just slipped by me now.......bye bye!

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