Splendid Splenda® Maret 2014

Life is sweet....Oh so sweet.

Air-flown all the way from USA :D

D's Management is so generous and magnanimously hearty!

The Plant in Singapore is not into production yet but special effort was made to air-flown SPLENDA® from States just to be distributed to all the staff. I was totally wowed by such gesture ;)

Although I do not add sugar to my coffee, I just love SPLENDA® :D knowing it is a healthy alternative to sugar with no added calories heheh.....(keke....must support support mah!)

As we don't have SPLENDA® locally, I brought some boxes to work and give out to friends much to their delight as they only knew of the brand EQUAL that's all.

D gave a box to our neighbour from Texas and she jokingly said that it's not enough for her baking kekek.....but we knew she was happy to see a familiar brand.

The SPLENDA® in production here comes in 1 kg & 10 kg bags specifically for export market but what impressed me most when I was in America, a walk down the aisle in Walmart makes me realised that some confectionary, Coke, Pepsi etc contained SPLENDA® too ~ That's so cool :D

Oh well.....spreading some sweetness around coz I do like splendid SPLENDA® and would like my friends to know about this brand other than EQUAL ;)

Now you know why I'm so sweet right ;-)

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