Travel Plans Maret 2014

North, South, East & which part of the world should I visit next?

I've been to most countries except really South America, Africa, India and not forgetting Eastern Europe among many other places in the world.

We were just toying with the idea on some travel plans ....... nothing concrete, nothing fix really just some discussion between D & myself.

I love Niagara Falls and would be great to be mesmerised by the falls again and again.......hearing the sounds and feeling the mist within blissful :D

But...but...hang on, I do know Bibi loves to visit New York.....she watched TRL on MTV and there's Times Square that she wanted very much to go to and I know we'll shop till we drop ;)

Flying such long distance to the States I absolutely cannot miss travelling via Route 66 to the Grand Canyon and wasn't I the told who said that I must visit the North Rim now? Oh Gosh! It is so tough a decision~!!!
Then again....can detour and take a flight to Chicago and paint Michigan Avenue red? Can we manage with just a day or two perhaps?

Then again, I do know if we travel to the States this year....I'll have to fly to Florida and visit my dearest friend Louise & her family. How can we miss this dear family of ours too right :D

On the other hand, Helsinki is still very much on my mind and I would love to show the kids the very spot where I snapped the Lutheran Cathedral during a wet drizzling afternoon.

With Norway & Sweden so near to Finland, I must pop over too ya! With that, I definitely must visit the other Scandi country Denmark and visit my penpal, Anja & her family. It has been almost 12 years since I last met her in Copenhagen.

But it's Uncle Bennett's 70th Birthday in October this year and how can we not visit them in England? I do not wish to miss Scotland & Ireland this time too having been there so many times.

Oh Geezz.....I hope I did not get all you blog buddies excited coz whether it is North South East or West....for sure I'll buzz some of you :)

But honestly folks! Just a passing thought but I do hope that it would strike a chord with D. Both our Moms are in their 60s & 70s and I do know that my Mom wanted to visit my Elder Brother in Shanghai (coz he's based there) and my Mom-In-Law wanted to visit Australia.

Whichever country we intend to visit, perhaps it would be good to bring them for a short travel holiday. Afterall really, we have been travelling on our way with the kids and I think it is about time we bring our folks along.

They are ageing and if whatever we could do, we do what we can to make them happy and I'm sure they would. Even if it is to any of the neighbouring countries I am sure it means a lot to them.

So....meanwhile, it is still on paper....nothing concrete, nothing fix but just my wish and just my thought :D

I just love travelling and it is not the place but the companion, the people you spend time with is utmost important :D

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