LSU Football Helmet Maret 2014

Alright..... I have a confession to make. I know nothing about American Football. Hey......But....hang on, hang on folks ;)

This is true confession because as a result of my post of my Japanese Kimono Doll, this miniature LSU football helmet was 'captured' and I think it is Jeff, or maybe Sanjay spotted this :D

Now, this is a very American souvenir bought by D after his last leg of his training stint in Alabama. Hmmm......I can't help but began to appreciate this little football helmet too :)

I have never actually take a closer look until now that I wanted to upload this, hey a little tiger there :-)

I did my homework folks, I've checked out the Louisiana State University website (yeah...I did!) and came to know that one player Justin Vincent will be taking part in the Texas vs. The Nation All Star Classic today in El Paso, Texas (Er........hey I hope I'm right)

Coming back to football, we are more of a soccer fan here in Singapore. Diligently following the English league and I'm torned between Liverpool & Manchester United coz Brother supported Liverpool and D supported Man-U.

Oh, coming back to American Football.......Yah! I did not forget when I was a little girl I watched it and was frightened by the big guy 'wrestling' for the ball kekekek.......

Now, from this LSU football helmet...... I bet there's more to 'wrestling' but I would truly appreciate if my blog buddies could explain to me how this game is play., let's talk about softball or do you call it baseball? :D

Have a nice weekend folks :D

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