Bibi & Shan Maret 2014

Hey Folks! Thanks for guessing Bibi's and Shan's baby photos. This is how they look like now and as far as embracing motherhood is concern, it has been the most enriching journey of my life and I'm enjoying every minute spent with my two princesses :D

Photo A - Shania
I called her my 'sweetie pie' when she was baby and even though she is now eight, she is still a sweetie.

Cheerful Shan :P
Very soft-spoken and timid at times...hmmm....trying to 'strengthen' her character but I supposed it takes time.

Photo B - Bibiana

She is the 'Cool Gal' at home. Very chirpy, cool, calm, composed. Period. You will not hear her utterly excited over anything unless it is her favourite idols - such as Avenged Sevenfold I supposed :D

Bibiana with classmates

Heee....she can go 'hysterical' just by watching her pop idols on M.T.V. *shake head*

Still, we are very proud of her coz she is the Head Prefect of the school and exude leadership quality at such a young age.

I'm glad in a very special way, we are like friends coz she began to confide in me her 'miseries' as well as her happy stuff in school too.

Ooops! Got carried away - so there you have it - Bibi and Shan and I hope you guess them right :D

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