Durian Feast Maret 2014

Banner (recycled every year :D)
It is an Annual Affair - none other than the "Durian Feast" started since last year and credit must be given to my ex-Managing Director, Mr. H. Ishikawa who was convinced by yours truly that by organising a party as such would encourage bonding among all level of staff regardless of their designation.

It works wonder coz I've got pictures to proof......kekekeke...... :D You see, eating among Singaporeans is a favourite past-times and when it comes to King of the Fruits.....Bring them on babeh.....bring them on *wink*
Yo! I didn't open the durian by myself - this is for show only......Hah! We had fun 'congregating' around piles and piles of durians among all fellow colleagues - lots of teasing and laughter at the tentage.

(The tentage was built for the contractors to have their meals there as our Plant is undergoing Shutdown Maintenance now)

D24 Durians - Yummy!
California Peaches - Just as Yummy!
I think the Management are really thoughtful as some colleagues are non- durian lover, so they ordered peaches and mangoesteen as well.....sorry no pixs coz I was busy taking photos and eating my yummilious durians......paiseh, paiseh! :D
Trays and trays of durians were prepared earlier by the Durian Supplier so as to save time as opening the durians would take up much time and just the smell of the fruits is enought to 'kill' them!
Colleagues from the Maintenance Section, I can tell they are very very happy and gonna be very productivity after this durian feast heeee.........

Zulk is my IT expert colleague! He's the man! He was pointing at his plate saying that we can't fool him coz this is the real D24 durians! You Go Zulk!
Aiyo! Look at Isa, trying to be funny! Hey Isa - why are you taking two peaches when everyone is having one huh? think by 'hiding' them in your helmet is gonna help *shake head*

Please explain after seeing this pix :D - send me a report please kekekeke......

Last but not least, me and my Safety Officer Anthony having a candid shot together - Ahhh....Yum Yum, we just love our Durian Party this afternoon - So SHIOK!

I wish you could all join in the fun :D ~ Burp ~ Oops! Sorry folks!

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