iPod Surprise Maret 2014

iPod Nano (4GB)

May I now declared the proud owner of this new iPod Nano is none other than my D - Yep! It was a surprise for him. He deserved it! He splurged on an ultimate shopping spree for all of us and did not buy anything for himself during his working trip to America.
Bibi's & D's iPods
I knew he wanted an iPod but would rather buy an iPoh U2 Special Edition for Bibiana last Christmas. So without anymore hesitation, I just went on an iPod shopping trip last evening.

I was literally 'lost' in Sim Lim Tower - oh those stuck-up salesmen! Anyway, only the friendliest saleman managed to win my heart and my deep pocket yesterday. Heeeee.......good customer service remember? Hmmm....if only the handphone shop owner 'wake up' and drill some sense into her....oh well, that's another story.

Oh yes, talking about iPod, so there, need not have wait till a special occasion to pamper your love ones......and again I must say, he deserved it.

*Sigh* - D never reads my sad. (Err.....can some kind buddies of ours hint hint to him and let him know that you dun need special occasion to pamper your love ones with present?) Hahahaha........ so folks, go on, pamper your love ones will you?

Hey, remember, I am one of your 'love ones' too :D Pamper me...... thank you!
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