Happy Birthday Kor Maret 2014


Dear Kor*,

Happy Birthday to you Kor, even though you are miles away from us right now, we did not forget to send some birthday cheers half way across the globe to you.

Just want you to know that you have been a great Brother to us, quietly giving us advice and supporting us in strength all these years. You have never disagreed with any of the family decisions, arrangements and gatherings which I've organised. You went along with us showing morale support and monetary sponsorship all the time :D ..... Yep, all the time! (Thank you Kor)

Mum and Father are so proud of you and we are glad to have you as our Big Brother, not forgetting Bibi and Shan having a great Uncle in you.

Happy Birthday Kor, we know all your wishes will come true :D - Best of Health Always!


Sis & Younger Brother

* Kor Kor - Big Brother in Chinese
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