Clone Me. Maret 2014

I know this sounds ridiculous, definitely not gonna happen to me for sure but honestly, I wish that someone can clone me. Yep, please do a human test on Shionge, clone her and put her to the test.

Why? What Happened?

To me, life is a cycle ~ I'm proud and happy to be a daughter, wife, sister, daughter-in-law, mummy, cousins, niece, friends plus many many other hats that I'm currently wearing. Not sure if anyone feels the same as I do but you see, I'm currently in the 'sandwich' stage. Bout of worries at times resulted in this thought of cloning really. Not a rant tonight but something on my mind which I want to get it off my chest.

I'll be able to do so many things all at the same time. Now, I could only do SO much, I can only be at one place at any one time *Sigh*

After I've been cloned, in one single day I would be able to:

1) Zoom half away across the globe to be with D *sob*

2) Spending quality time with my kids.

3) Accompany my mom to her hospital appointment.

4) Grocery shopping without worry about the kids being alone at home.

5) Finish my report / minutes / budget plus endless tasks at work.

6) Coffee-break with my friends, losing touch - SORRY folks.

7) Household chores - including cleaning bells & crystals :P

8) Attend Teacher-Parents Meeting (didn't attend the last session - GULITY!)

9) Catching up on my beauty sleep ~ Yawn ~.

1o) Me Time - some time for myself without having guilt bugging me :(
To read, to read and to read.......

Hmmm....multitude of tasks, endless bout of worries and concerns for people around me. Spreading cheers and comfort to all around me is my forte but I wish I could do more......

Dun worry folks, a born optimist and I choose to have a heart of gold that's why I want to do more. That is why I volunteer and put myself to the test. Someone please clone me :D

Let me know when someone is sending the scientist over ... Kekekkk...

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