Leadership Workshop Maret 2014


Was out of the office today and attended the Leadership Workshop organised by our Women's Committee. It was Women's Power today and good to enhance our knowledge on the latest trends & issues affecting our workforce.

We were separated into group of fives and deliberated on the issues at length - my group's topic centred on the foreign workers' issue - should we or should we not have them in the workforce. Honestly, setting the issues aside, I've learnt to observe other women's public speaking skill and also noted their perspective so ya....I have had an interesting day today.

All the Affiliated Union's logo (Displayed into the shape of our country)
It was good bonding with fellow women unionist today and hey..... can you spot our Union's logo? If you have forgotten how it looks like, refer to my previous post on our Delegates' Conference.
Leadership Workshop Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5