Hearty Meal Maret 2014

Salted Fish
Steamed Salty Fish with Sliced Ginger

After indulging in too much gastronomic meals over the long weekend, sometime we just love to get back to the basic food what our parents used to cook for us back then. Not only is it economical, it is simple to cook yet a hearty meal that meets our hearts' content :D

So I went to the wet market and get myself a piece of salted threadfish, just wash it and get it steam with sliced ginger. Wanted to steam it with minced pork and sliced red chilli but I think I've missed that out.

Mixed Vegetables What you see here is a mixed of long beans (diced), fish cake (cubed) and chai po (picked vegetables). Fried it with garlic and black sauce, I could add it with dried beancurd as well but then it would be too much just for the two of us.

Plain Porridge

With salted steamed fish and mixed vegetables, all you need is piping hot plain porridge to go with our two dishes. Salted Eggs is what normally goes with plain porridge too.

Anyway, we had a Hearty Ha Ha Meal :D - Shiok of course!

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