Killer-Litter Maret 2014


Dear Killer-Litter,

Red Juicy Apples are meant to be eaten or bake into apple strudels as well as squeeze into apple juice.

Eggs - whichever way you want it, you can have it hard-boiled, half-boiled, sunny side up or even scramble eggs. - chilled our lemonade on a hot sunny days or if you like, suck it just the way you would with popsicles.

So, please I urged you - DO NOT PLAY with your food! Treat your food with respect and not hurled them down onto the innocent residents walking along the common corridors of our apartment.

Your juicy red apple almost hit Bibiana when she was on her way home yesterday, it was that closed - merely inches away from her and she froze momentarily and it gave her a fright. This is a very bad prank and I could imagine just how serious it would get if it ever hit some old folks around our neighbourhood.

We have been here for the past six years and none of such incident ever happened and we were astonished when we received a note from the Management Office last week informing us that residents are complaining about apples, eggs & ice-cubes being thrown from the upper-floor.

I was flabbergasted to say the least and to you Killer-Litter, please note that the police and security officers are keeping a close watch at our block. You would be responsible for your action but before anything else, please stop before any of the residents get hurt by your despicable act.

I remain,
The Watchful Eye

PS: I know this killer-litter is not going to read my blog but just to vent my thoughts that's all. Since Bibi's close-shave, the police & our security staff are now keeping a closer watch from another block and hope they'll spot this nasty act soon.

Apparently, this has been going on for the past few weeks in our neighbourhood and these food items were thrown from our block.

I would be very sad if children are the ones hurling food down when their parents are not at home during the day - Fingers crossed though.
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