Rapport Building Maret 2014

Ms. Elsa Ramos from ILO
Madam Halimah with fellow unionists
Another day of networking with fellow unionsts as we had a special guest from the Philippines, Ms. Elsa Ramos presenting a talk on the international labour perspective. All unionists had an engaging dialogue with her which prompted Mdm Halimah to suggest for an international exchange program soon.

I think it was great to have mooted that idea as it would benefit women unionists from both countries.

The Rose with GMs, Chairman, Managing Director & Gen. Secretary

In the afternoon, I was 'transformed' into a Rose (Hah! Eat your heart out Ben :P) as I joined my guys to meet the Senior Management for our Half-Yearly Union-Management Meeting over at Gateway Office.

This significant meeing is information sharing by the company briefing us on the latest market situation, profit & loss, compeitive edge of our products just to name a few. Most importantly, it shows that the Management recognised the importance of establishing good labour management relation which is paramount in the organisation.

I have exceeded my calories intake this evening.....uploading the picture of that sin-ful looking dessert soon.....:P

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