Gifts From Nevada Maret 2014

A Big THANK YOU to Cupcake Batter for a wonderful surprise all the way from Nevada to Singapore and brighten up my otherwise monotonous Monday (Sorry it took me such a long time to post these pictures)

Surprise Package

Candle Cupcake

Wouldn't you agree with me that this looked exactly like a yummilious cupcake? Honestly, I would have taken a bite if not for a closer look at the tag that says: "Candle Cupcake" :D A perfect gift from Ms. Cupcake.

More Souvenirs from Nevada
Two bells and one thimble with a lovely magnet from Carson City....... I think it is not a bad idea to start collecting magnets too kekekekek.........*hint* *hint*

Culinary Mystery Books!!!!
I must admit I was overwhelmed by you Ms. are so sweet to send six Diane Mott Davidson's Culinary Mystery Books to me. It'll take me some time to finish them which I plan too. Thank you so much......yep, you guess it ...... I'm gonna start with Dying for Chocolate :P

Look out for gifts across the mile from Singapore.....Thank You Very Much - You've made my day ~ SO SHIOK ~ :D
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