Sweet & Sour Fish Maret 2014

Red Snapper Tail

Went to the wet market this morning and my regular fishmonger reserved one big fresh red snapper for me. Today's asking price at $12/kg and I got myself one whole red snapper at about 1.7 kg. Halved it, keeping the fish head for curry and decided to have the tail for sweet & sour fish for dinner - Yummy!

Pan-Fried the Snapper

Pan-fried my snapper and realised it was too big for my wok - heeeheee....not shy to admit, I have a small Chinese wok - never mind. Took quite some time to pan-fried the snapper though. Oh, before frying, I've seasoned it with some salt and coated it with corn flour so that the fish will be crispy.

Too early to cook the leave the snapper in the wok and guess what? Yep - went jogging and had a good work-out before cooking a storm in the kitchen :D

Ingredients for the Sweet & Sour Fish
Managed to get fresh pineapples this morning so I cubed it together with the capsicum, onion, red chilli and to fry with lots of minced garlic & shallots - a must!

Other sauce is of course the ketchup, maggie chilli sauce, squeeze some lime juice, dash of pepper, soy sauce, salt & sugar...... just fried them all together.

Oops - Fish 'Disappeared' Viola!! Just pour the hot sweet & sour sauce immediately over the crispy fish. There you have it - Shionge's Specialty Dish - Sweet & Sour Fish.

Anybody wants to try it? Send your request to me ok? Very Very Shiok - I promise :D

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