No Loser Maret 2014

Figo & Kahn
(pix by yahoo)

Now that's what I called sportsmanship - hey there were no loser on that pitch this morning. Yes, 3rd and 4th had to be fought that's all and the guys did well even though the Germans won by 3 goals to 1 against Portugal.

All the guys were great, they certainly exude sportsmanship including the two coaches - Klinsmann and Scolari as they walked together amicably after the 1st half. No air of rivalry at all and I was totally amazed, yep, you'll probably says thats because the match doesn't matter much anymore but that's not the point. Anyway, they were gentlemen last night. Period.

We had fun, we woke up to catch the match and the amazing things was the girls joined us to cheer for their favourite team too. Imagine screaming in the wee hours :D

Now for the final showdown at 2 am.....can't wait. Nite Nite Folks!

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