Spageddies Treat Maret 2014

Favourite Dining
Spaghetti with Crayfish - Must Try!
Gonna whet your appetite folks - this is our favourite Italian restaurant for the whole family and this is to entice Vina from Manila to fly over :D

Just like what Makansutra would have recommended....I'll say "Die Die Must Try!" the crayfish spaghetti ...... Oh gosh, I'm drooling already.

3-meat Combo Pizza
Chicken Nuggets with FRESH fries!

The servings are large so it could be shared among all, be prepared to have no room for their devilious desserts after the main course though.

For better ambience, DO NOT dine at the Spagheddies at Paragon - too crowded and too noisy to have a relax meal.

Hearty Lasagne

After the Hotdog Eating Competition in Coney Island, NY on 5 July, Vina asked "If you were to join a food eating competition of your choice, what would it be?"

For me, definitely not hotdog......gonna get choke for sure, people died as a result of furious eating. Off hand I could remember was this man literally choked to death during the Mooncake Eating Competition many years ago.

It's gonna be Beer Drinking Competition for Chinese Zodiac is Dragon so there, bring them on.....just bring them on :P I've won the top prize once in one of my Company's Dinner & Dance but the only problem after consuming too much beer? I flushed!

Any eating competition experiences folks?
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