Delegates' Conference Maret 2014


Hey, it's my Union Delegates' Conference held once in every three years and besides the usual nominated key appointment holders, I WAS challenged! Yep, four (4) contenders for two position of Asst General Secretary of which I was the only woman....... stay tune folks!

A shot with the charming Minister :P

Our Guest of Honour is Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of State for Community Development, Youth & Sports - he is also one of our Union Adviser. I felt truly honoured to be officially appointed by him as one of the council member in the Singapore National Family Council.

To me, he is one of the young Minister in Singapore that oozes charisma with the Oomph factor! Very friendly, engaging and down to earth.

Ben Chan - my UWPI President, Chairman, Pal & Confidante

Through thick and thin in the labour movement, Ben and me fought along the 'battle-field' and overcome obstacles, other committee members supported us too. It is a partnership of working hand in hand for the ultimate objective of serving our members.

Congratulation Ben for your new leadership role as President of UWPI - hey, don't forget on one round of beers for all of us ya?

With HR Regional Manager of Infineum
I have to post this shot coz I think I looked nice .....LOL...Heeee..... No lah, I want to take with Lincoln coz he was once a young HR Officer back then in the Petrochemical Complex and we went through lots of negotiation.

He is now with Infineum as the HR Regional Manager and incidentally was D's ex-boss too. He's nice.

Top-9 Office-Bearers (Look, I'm the only rose among the thorns :P)

Executive Council Members So yes, I was challenged but prior to the voting by 44 delegates, most of my guys were congratulating me as they were confident that I would win by a huge margin. I was touched by their warmth gesture.

My Editor told me that I put on green which symbolises the military colour and to be prepared to win the 'battle' :P Anyway, the results were crystal clear..... I garnered the highest of 30 votes and the lowest only managed 12.

I was elated but most importantly, I was heartened by the strong mandate delegates had shown me. This only proved that all my efforts contributing in the labour movement had been well recognised by my members.

Now.....the show must go on coz there's still lots of challenges ahead. Thanks for staying tune folks! :D

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